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"The scandal that millions of people suffer from hunger must not paralyze us, but push each and every one of us to act: singles, families, communities, institutions, governments, to eliminate this injustice."

Following the leadership of His Holiness Pope Francis, the Center for FaithJustice launched its first-ever HungerworX campaign in Lent 2014.  It was something new, something different, and something very special, exceeding all expectations for success, both as a fundraiser, and even more importantly, as an awareness-raiser for the issue of food insecurity here in our country.

What will YOU do to honor this Lenten season?

As we fast approach Ash Wednesday on February 18th, consider joining us on this groundbreaking campaign. Please know that this issue is even more urgent this year than last. Here in New Jersey, the number of men, women and children living in poverty rose for the sixth straight year, with nearly one million households living below the federal poverty line – 11.4% of the state! That’s a staggering 35% increase since the onset of the economic downturn in 2008 and does not take into account cost-of-living in each state, which is particularly high here in New Jersey.

To further exacerbate the situation, recent cuts that went into effect in 2014 have reduced the average individual weekly SNAP benefit in New Jersey from $33.75 to $30.25. That might not seem like a drastic difference, but it is deeply significant to those Americans living on the financial edge. That’s $3.50 less each week to buy a gallon of milk, or a dozen eggs, or other basic staples of a typical diet.

Becoming a HungerworX participant or donor enables you to raise awareness and make a difference while supporting the great WorX programs of the Center for FaithJustice. Participants receive a complete resource toolkit along with ongoing fundraising support and guidance. Join us today! Email Stephanie Peddicord at speddicord@faithjustice.org to learn more or visit us online at www.hungerworx.org.

Recent Updates

Lent: A Journey of Transformation

I read a reflection in National Catholic Reporter this morning that really put Lent into perspective for me. The upshot of it was that Lent is really about transformation. “Transforming ourselves into followers of Jesus, destined to live in Love forever.” I remember learning in high school theology classes that the theological term for this is the Greek word "metanoia", a change in one's...

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Participant Resource: Good and Cheap: $4 a Day Cookbook

Looking for healthy recipes to help you live on a $4 a day SNAP budget?  Leanne Brown designed a cookbook while a graduate student at NYU as a resource for families on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), also known as food stamps. Brown posted Good and Cheap online as a free PDF in April, and there were 100,000 downloads in the first two weeks. It has now been downloaded more...

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Participant Resource: Orientation VIMEO!
Friends, as you get started with your HungerworX journey, check out the following orientation video with audio courtesy of campaign chair Mary Vanderhoof!  Thanks, Mary!  

HungerworX Participant Orientation video

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New Resource!
Take a look at the trailer for "Food Stamped", a documentary about one couple's attempt not just to eat but to eat well on a food stamp budget.   

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What does $30 of groceries look like?

Could you live on this stipend?  Join the HungerworX challenge to learn more!  

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Jason Zampino $50.00 I hope this helps you reach your goal, Donna. Keep up the good work!
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Shehnaz Mansuri $50.00 As always, you inspire and amaze me. xoxo
Samantha Miller $100.00 What a great cause, good luck!!
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Kathryn Merckel $20.00 So proud of you Penders, love you!! <3
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Fred & Jane Schroeder $150.00 Mary, $50 of our donation is from Grandma & Grandpa.
Kathy Brazil $25.00
Lynn and Frank Keller $100.00 Good Luck! Great cause!
Julianne Marino $25.00
Chuck & Karen Peddicord $50.00
Mary-Jo Marino $200.00
Mama Lois and Bill DeJianne $50.00
Jennifer Pokempner $20.00 Great work, cause, and blog!
Mary Bruss $25.00
Kathleen Fulham $25.00 Yes, giving to the poor is about our relationship with others, especially those who are in need.
Julie Karnavas $50.00 I am intrigued and inspired by your commitment to mission and this powerful project.
Felicia, Jason and Austin Otto $100.00 You're simply amazing!
Ken and Bonnie Likely $500.00
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Anonymous Donor $100.00 God bless you and those you are serving!
Mary Schroeder $25.00
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Susan and Stu Clough $50.00 Thinking of you and your good work, Don
Rose & Ed Kowalczyk $100.00 Thank you for all you do for this worthy cause. You are an example for all of us. God Bless! (p.s. our donation will be matched by my company)
Lisa & Steve Hinson $50.00 inspiring..today and always! Love you guys!
Linda Ragogna $50.00 God bless you Dayna.
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Anonymous Donor $100.00
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Sue & Chris Bishop $100.00 A great organization! Happy to support you.
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